Tessa Ketcha Ghislaine

founder and CEO of Millenum Immobilier

Ghislaine is the founder and CEO of Millenum Immobilier, a Real Estate Development and Services company in Cameroon specialized in green-buildings with a focus on eco-friendly affordable housing, and manufacturing of structural and alternative building materials such as ready-mix concrete or earthblocks. Prior to founding Millenium, Ghislaine worked with the family construction business established by her father, KETCH, the first indigenous construction company to build roads and produce road construction materials. In the family company, she held several positions from site manager to Branch Director, and Business Development Director. As Branch Director leading over 200 staff, she managed or co-managed major projects, like the “Douala-Bonanjo way interchange” funded by the World Bank, which is one of the largest urban civil engineering projects in the country. Under her leadership, the company set up the first ready-mixed concrete plant of the country. She was also responsible for the main production units of the company: batching plants, bitumen plants, quarries. As Business Development Director she led the opening of a branch of the company in the Central African Republic, before the political crisis. She also initiated the diversification by signing a master-franchise contract with the leading French DIY Company Mr Bricolage, the first for this company in Africa. She is currently working on the opening of the first store in Cameroon. Concerned with climate change issues, she decided to found her own company to address the challenges faced by the continent due to rapid urbanization coupled with global warming. Millenium was named after the former Millennium Development Goals, with the strong belief that building healthier and sustainable environments for people could help solving other development issues. Millenium is one of the scarce specialist of EDGE standard in the region, a greenbuilding label recently set up by IFC (World Bank Group) for developing countries. Also concerned with the fact that too few women evolve in the industry, she founded Women In Construction. This association is not only aimed at engineers, but at any woman working or willing to work in this field, in order to grow a valuable supportive network of women and enable them to also capture the benefits of this promising sector. Ghislaine dedicates some time to mentor young professionals and start-upers, especially young girls, collaborating with various associations as well as the the main start-up incubators in Cameroun. Ghislaine is a Civil Engineer graduated from the French leading Civil Engineering school, Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics de Paris, and holds a MBA from the Sorbonne Graduate Business School in Paris. She also holds a certificate in Real Estate Development and in Green Design. She is an alumna of the Seed Transformation Program from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Ghislaine is a fitness addict and a classical music lover. She is married and a mother of 3 children, 17, 14 and 11. About Millenium Immobilier Millenium is a one stop shop for Real Estate and Construction where any project owner can find a sustainable and reliable solution at any stage of their project. Millenium Immobilier aims to build more livable cities in Africa by offering innovative and sustainable real estate and construction products and solutions in a very effective way. • We develop green projects, mainly ecological houses, within an estate or not, • We manufacture structural materials and implement them as well as other sustainable products from selected partners; • We provides technical assistance and consultancy services to project owners, especially in Green Design: In this perspective, Millenium Immobilier has developed an eco-friendly affordable “On-Demand”housing program (MINDCA). It consist of simple standard houses which can be customized and finished by customer in an incremental self-built process. Thanks to our adequate engineering and manufacturing capabilities coupled with standardization, the houses are semi industrialized and thus made affordable while remaining customizable.